The Fortune Hunter

The Fortune Hunter: A Novel - Daisy Goodwin

The Fortune Hunter was a fun book to read, like gossipy fun.

I loved the two main characters, Charlotte Baird and Bay Middleton. 

Even though these characters were based on real people, I wished Charlotte didn't end up getting married to Bay because of his affair with the Empress. The man was never faithful, why even entertain man whores. 

Like I considered myself to be engaged to you while I'm sleeping with the most beautiful woman in Europe. 

Charlotte must have had a very forgiving heart.

My favorite character of the book was Mr. Hewes, an American photographer. Just loved, loved, loved him. Charlotte should have became Mrs. Hewes.

At the end, I really wanted to see how the Empress moved on. But unfortunately, you could only have to guess at how she handle herself and how she felt about the sudden end of her and Bay's relationship.