Elusion - Claudia Gabel, Cheryl Klam

I wanted to ESCAPE® from having to read this. There was nothing tense, alluring, nor mysterious about Elusion at all. I was not left breathless. I remained unimpressed and annoyed with Regan. The writing was fairly good, but nothing in this story was able to interest me. 

The idea of the story sounded pretty unique and totally cool. I would so enjoy escaping from reality for a little while, but it feels like I’ve read this story and put up with this dumb girl before and all the clichés that seem to come hand in hand in these sorts of books.

There were supposed to be plot twists, apparently. 

Elusion seemed pretty darn predictable to me. 

I hated Regan after the whole…’I wanted to kiss Josh again’ crap. Like hello, you have other important things to do. Focus on something other than a boy you’ve only known for about a week. A boy who hasn’t exactly been 100% honest with you on certain details. 

I didn’t really like any characters. I didn’t like Patrick and I definitely did not like Josh. There was just something about him and ugh. 

Stuff happens, but nothing really happens. It tries to pick up at the very end. But there’s no way I would ever bother picking up the next book. 

I would give this book about two stars. I didn’t hate it, but I found nothing likable.