Queen of Someday

Queen of Someday - Sherry D. Ficklin

First off, the cover is simply beautiful. 

The Queen of Someday is entertaining from the start. We meet the young and courageous Princess Sophie and her mother as they travel to the Winter Palace in Russia. During the trip, however, they are stopped by bandits. What does Princess Sophie do? She pulls a knife from her boot and goes after those bandits. I admire her bravery. It’s refreshing. Of course, her mother was rather appalled. It wasn't proper for a young lady. Her father was the one who allowed her to join him in hunting, fencing, and even throwing knives. There has never been a character, I believe, that I have ever liked so immediately. Princess Sophie is definitely not your ordinary princess. 

I loved this book so much. It’s fast paced and wonderfully written. Sophie, later renamed Catherine, is witty, strong, and able to make the best of whatever is thrown at her. Despite losing the one she truly loved, she made herself push forward even though a woman weaker might have faltered. 

I would give the Queen of Someday five out of five stars. It is one of my new favorite books and one I would strongly recommend.